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 About The Photographer

     Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, surrounded by endless wilderness.

I quickly developed a passion to explore, adventure and share the beauty that this country has to offer. 

      As a young adult I made the move out to British Columbia, initially I was located on the coast however after spending some time in the mountains and valleys surrounding the Columbia river  I knew I had to make the move.

      With a strong desire to continue exploring, learning and pushing myself  into new places or up to new heights. Embracing the opportunities as they arise. I feel I can offer a premium service and high quality prints.

      I look forwards to sharing unique, quality imagery taken from my perspective, the alternative aspect.

-Matthew Toews

About The Prints

- Limited Editions*

- Available on canvas, metal or photo paper

- 100% Canadian made

- Custom sizing available on request.

- Competitive pricing***

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